Thursday, October 21, 2010

About Me
Welcome to my site where I share my experiences and methods I learn. I am fresh graduated from University Technology Malaysia (UTM) in Computer Science (Computer Network & Security). Now I continue my study in Master in Computer Science (Information Security) and part time worker in CICT, UTM. Before I continue my bachelor study, I have certified in Diploma in Computer Science (Information Technology) for 3 years. I spend much of my time online and oftentimes across stuffs I like that I feel others should know about it. With this I want to take the opportunity to ask everyone to share your wisdoms to the readers of this blog by putting comment/s. As with all bloggers, I'm open to any offers to place advertisements on my blog.

Career Objective
To associate myself with the organization where I work.
To build up my potential and my knowledge & gain as much experience as possible in computer network and security.